You're amazing.

You're amazing.. My friend.

I have lost my best friend. Yes my best friend! What happens? Your friend... Die? No, ridiculous!!! she's not death! she's still alive. I just.... lost her okay. Err.. She's beautiful, kind and caring friend that I ever met. She's always make me laugh. I'm just happy to have a friend like her. She's the only one that I trust and she's always by my side no matter what happens. But.. guess what?! I lost her. 4 years I don't meet her. Yes! I definetely lost her. I missed you.. Friend. Sob sob sob.

To my lovely friend:
         I really hope that one day we'll meet again and we can be a friend like before. I just want you to know.. Until now, in my heart you always be my true friend.
                                                          Someone who think you as her best friend.

Harap sangat kita boleh kawan macam dulu,  
bergurau senda macam dulu,
berborak macam dulu,
gaduh macam dulu~ Chopp.. kita pernah gaduh ke? 

                                                                                                      Bye (^.^)

6 vampire:

Kuchiki EnnaMoon said...

Hi konnichiwa! hope u can meet your true friend again! hehe, i'm also like that, miss my old friends, and i can understand how do u feel. hehe

yayqah said...

@kuchiki EnnaMoon Konnichiwa ^^, I hope so.. Hurm..

Ezzattie said...

adakah ianya aku? ohhh! terharu. haha okay. bai >.<

yayqah said...

@Ezzattie ohok.. ohokk (batuk) ahhh kuat perasan jugak kwn aku sorg ni..

LoveMimu said...

alaa . tacing nye . saya pun jadi cmnie . tapi dye da de bff len . so , i let her go with her new bff . ^_^
because i know . she is happy with her life that she live now . so , be happy , be cool . yeah !!! :DDD

Miss Hidy said...

Berkawan biar beribu..=)..Hilang sorang kawan ada lagi kawan yg lain..Chill sis..=)

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