Short entries!

Assalamualaikum for the muslims and Hii for everybody who read this entry and who still alive in this big world.

So, how you guys doing? Pretty awesome? Nope? Okay never mind, You don’t need to answer it. I just hope that everybody are fine. 

Tick tock tick tock (clock ticking)

At the lonely and every long evening, I was sitting alone in my dark and super creapy bedroom. My bedroom looks like a haunted house. What?! I’m busy. I don’t have enough time to clean up my room. Lies, she is just too lazy. Sssshhhh shut up! haha. 

When I in my bedroom I feel like an old crazy women who still wait his stupid prince carming that had been married with his own grandpa’s donkey. LOL. Seriously I don’t know what to do at that time. So, I decided to online my facebook. I thought, when I online my facebook, It will bring happiness in my life. Unfortunately, It is not. Facebook make me feel bored to death. Facebook is so boring now. Do you agree with that? You do!!  Ohhhhhhh awesome, welcome to the club. If you not agree with that.. Puffftt, okay fine. Go away! Kidding. Haha.

Ehem.. Dear my sweet facebook,

You’re suck! Go die peacefully okay. Yes, I do love you, but.. That was the past. At this time.. I just.. Urm.. Seriously you are not fun anymore. You useless. Tetttt.. Haha. But still, I’m not gonna delete my facebook account. I’m not ready for that yet. Maybe soon, I will do it. 

                                           A young girl who thinks herself as a crazy old women.


3 vampire:

Christian Tadeo said...

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HUDAJMAL said...

haha . memang bosan sgt . terasa mcm eiii nyampah lah bukak fb . haha . twitter more better . wee :)

yayqah said...

@HUDAJMAL kan, rasa menyampah dah bukak fb. haih.

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